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Business SMS

Business SMS

Business SMS Registration Webinar

Our first in the Business SMS Webinar Series, this webinar replay covers what business SMS registration is, why businesses must comply, and how to register with VirtualPBX.

SMS Opt-In Webinar

In this webinar replay, we cover why and how businesses must include an opt-in process when messaging customers.

SMS Opt-Out and Registration Webinar

Following up after our last webinar, this replay covers the process of opting-out of text messages from your business – a new legal requirement. We cover how this is managed and best practices.

VirtualText Feature Walkthrough

In this webinar, our Product Lead and texting expert, Linh England gives a demonstration of features inside the VirtualText App.

Consent: Dos and Don’ts of Business SMS Webinar

Text message regulations dictate that businesses must acquire consent when texting their customers – in this webinar, we review the dos and don’ts, offer best practices, and answer questions.

SMS Marketing: Drip Campaigns Webinar

Drip campaigns are an effective way to deliver a series of messages to your customers. In this webinar replay, we share examples and walk you though how to create your first drip campaign in the VirtualText App.

SMS Marketing: Blasts Webinar

Have a message you’d like to send to your contact list? In this webinar replay, we’ll walk you through sending your first blast, offer examples, and share best practices.

SMS Conversion Rate Optimization Webinar

In the final installment of the Business SMS Webinar Series, Linh discusses what “conversion rate optimization” is, how it applies to SMS, and how you can improve yours.