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Legal Practice with Client Services Specialist

Exploring receptionist best practices for your legal practice, covering local phone numbers, security measures, video conferencing, digital faxing, business texting app, Clio CRM integration, and more.

VoIP Ensures Your Law Firm Can Retain Its Existing Phone Numbers

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, offers your law firm the invaluable advantage of preserving its current phone numbers during the transition. This means you can seamlessly transition to a more flexible and cost-effective communication system without the hassle of changing contact information.

Maintaining your existing phone numbers ensures that clients and partners can continue to reach you without interruption, providing a smooth and professional experience for all involved. With VoIP, your law firm can enjoy the benefits of modern communication technology while keeping the familiar contact information that your clients trust.

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Security Measures are Implemented to Safeguard Your Confidential Client Communications

In the legal field, the privacy and security of client information are of paramount importance. VirtualPBX recognizes this and has implemented top-tier security measures to protect your virtual phone service. Our AWS private storage ensures that your data is stored securely in the cloud, and our VoIP encryption protocols make sure that your conversations remain confidential. With VirtualPBX, you can trust that your legal communications are in safe and trusted hands.

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Connect with Your Legal Team Through Video Conferencing

Stay in close communication with your legal team by utilizing the power of video conferencing. Whether you need to collaborate on case strategies, conduct client meetings, or simply touch base with your colleagues, video conferencing offers a convenient and effective way to bridge the gap. With the ability to connect from anywhere, it ensures that you can maintain a strong, united front in serving your clients' legal needs while adapting to the demands of a modern, flexible legal practice.

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VirtualText: Send Appointment Reminders to Your Clients Ahead of Your Meetings

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VirtualText offers an invaluable solution for legal professionals seeking to streamline their client communications.

With VirtualText, you can effortlessly send court appointment reminders to your clients in advance of your scheduled meetings. This app not only ensures that your clients are well-prepared for their court appearances, but it also minimizes the chances of missed appointments or delays. By harnessing the power of VirtualText, you can enhance your practice's professionalism, improve client satisfaction, and maintain the punctuality and efficiency essential in the legal field.

Transmit Legal Documents Without The Need For a Fax Machine

In the legal industry, securely transmitting critical legal documents without relying on traditional fax machines is paramount. Our innovative digital solutions offer a reliable and confidential means of sharing essential legal information. With our secure email to fax feature, you can trust that your files remain protected, enabling you to concentrate on your legal work with confidence, all while saving time and eliminating the hassles associated with outdated equipment.

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Clio CRM Seamlessly Integrates with Your Legal Practice Platform

In the fast-paced legal industry, efficient case management and client communication are paramount. That's why Clio CRM seamlessly integrates with your legal practice platform, ensuring a streamlined experience for attorneys, paralegals, and clients alike. With this integration, you can effortlessly track case progress, access client information on the go, and maintain a comprehensive record of all interactions. By combining the power of Clio CRM with your legal practice, you're equipped to provide top-notch legal services while staying organized and responsive, ultimately enhancing client satisfaction and productivity within your firm.

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With this integration, you can expect:

  • Informative screen pops displaying caller details for incoming calls.
  • The ability to answer calls without leaving Clio.
  • Automatic call logging in your clients' records.
  • Convenient click-to-call functionality for outbound calls directly from client records.
  • A user-friendly dialpad featuring call history and missed calls.
  • Quick links to access client profiles in Clio from the dialpad.
  • Easy access to call recordings through your call history menu.
  • Comprehensive oversight of all recorded call activities.
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